Thursday, May 1, 2014

today marks four years since nashville endured a catastrophic flood--some say the worst land disaster in tennessee since the civil war. while I didn't live here yet, I was visiting that weekend, and I still remember how completely surreal the experience was. you can catch up, if you'd like on my original blog.

Monday, April 28, 2014

why "hipster fancy," you ask? well... back-track here with me for a minute.

if you are fortunate enough to live in nashville, as I do, you know "hipster" brings a bit of a negative connotation with it. it's like, okay, we get it.

with the bicycles
and the nonchalance
and the vintage vinyl
and the saving the world
and the crop tops
and the painted-on, super skinny jeans
and the ironic tats
and the horn-rimmed glasses
and the craft beer on tap
and the beards
and the farm-to-table everything.

like most adjectives (and nouns-turned-adjectives), it's one of those terms that loses its luster when overused. sort of like how "awkward" and "literally" and "random" are completely void of their webster's definitions because people have jabbered their way into insuring those words are damn near obsolete. and that's how "hipster" is for me, in nashville. it doesn't exactly mean to me, what it means to most. most everything in nashville is a little more organic and earthy, a little more laidback and carefree, a little more artsy and eclectic.

so while I don't often tout something as being "so hipster" for fear of what will be thought of me, I hold the terminology dear--even if in secret. because it reflects more about my life in and love of nashville than a frowned-upon culture of apathetic young folk. and that being said, I love the people here. I love the easy-going, creative attitude. I love that people are so, so different, and yet, almost across the board, so unbelievably nice. this town is home to so many creative types, so many dreamers. and nashville is full of people helping, full of people genuinely trying to make the world better. they love each other, and they love this town. so to round out my argument, I love a lot of what the "hipster" image is known for.

and on to the "fancy." 

about a year ago, I had a work meeting with my favorite caterer in town. following their standard routine of our pre-event planning meetings, the charming male duo rattled off the list of recent restaurants they'd sampled. when asked about the particular menu and environment of the latest coffee shop to take nashville by storm, jason described it as "hipster fancy."

and I loved it. I knew precisely what he meant.

and I knew I had to use it at some point in life--just wasn't sure when or where the opportunity might present itself.

until I was pondering a name for this little ol' blog.

and so it is... hipster fancy. a travel blog of sorts, but more so a diary of my exploits and an ongoing love letter to nashville.

grab a chair. stay a while.*

*recyclable cup of your favorite fair trade coffee optional.